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FGL enterprises Ltd is a boutique, London based, Business consultancy firm, supplying next generation advice and solutions. We are an independent organization, funded by private equity that specializes in providing System Implementation, Business Development, Regulatory Advice and Business Process Enhancements to financial institutions and business corporations on a global scale. We also specialise in Fintech including IOT and Blockchain.

What drives us

The aim of our company is to revolutionize Business Consultancy, by providing a new wave of innovative client specific solutions that will take the professional service providing industry to new heights.

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FGL Enterprises Ltd

London Office
Berkley Square House,
Mayfair, London,
Tel: 0208-144-6437
Email: info@fglenterprises.co.uk

Office Hours
Monday to Friday: 8am to 9pm
Saturday: 9am to 6pm
Sunday: 11am to 5pm

Do you want too expand your presence internationally? FGL Enterprises can help you expand globally, please find a summary of our services below:-
1. Initial Due Diligence, to understand the full impact on your business, this could include:-
- Market segmentation analysis to determine if your product or service could sell in the local market.
- Product gap analysis against local products or services.
- SWOT  analysis against competition.

2. Strategy and Business Plan Development, which would include:-
- Definition of short, medium and long-term strategy. 
- Definition of goals, objectives, and success metrics.
- Business model and structure design.
- Top-down Annual budget.
- Tactical project plan.

3. Product or Service Readiness, which could include:-
- Government and industry specific regulations review to
confirm compliance and receipt of necessary certifications
- Determination of any product localization required.
- Patent and trade mark review.
- Testing and quality assurance review based on local standards.
- Local logistics and distribution network.
4. Establish a Go-to-Market Strategy, which would include:-
- Determination of optimum sales model and methodology.
- Comprehensive marketing plan and KPIs.

- Pricing Model Evaluation.

5. Assess and Confirm Legal Readiness, which would include:-

- Creation of localized commercial agreements.
- Review of industry-specific regulations to ensure or to compliance.

6. Tax and Finance Readiness, which could include:-

- Outsourcing of accounting, payroll, and tax.
- Establishment local banking relationships.
- Development of a risk management plan.
- Development a transfer pricing study.
- Develop a cash repatriation plan.

7. Final Budget Preparation, which would include:-
- Creation of 3-year budget and 12-month business plan.
- Key detailed key performance indicators, and 6 monthly update.
- Quarterly operating reviews.
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